Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Focused on the future

Governor Committee Membership - September 2016

Curriculum & Standards Committee

This committee monitors the work of the school relating to teaching, learning and pupil attainment. They challenge staff to ensure that the children of Bailiffe Bridge School receive the quality of education that they deserve. The members are:

Jo Broadbent - Chair of Committee

Philip Eastwood

Marie Wilkinson

Craig Roberts

Lindsay Bennett

Dave Dennett


Finance & Staffing Committee

This committee monitors the financial management of the school. It is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate health & safety systems are in place and that the school building is well-maintained and fit for purpose.

They are also responsible for staff recruitment. The members are:


Cathryn Whiteley

Graham Carr-Reason

Jo Broadbent

Dave Dennett - Chair of Committee

Helen Proctor


Pay & Performance Management Committee

This committee makes decisions relating to staff pay. Through the staff appraisal process, they monitor staff performance and use guidance provided nationally to decide on pay ranges and increases. The members are:

Cathryn Whiteley - Chair of Committee

Jo Broadbent

                                                                                    Mike Turton - External Consultant for Headteacher's appraisal

Helen Proctor