Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Curriculum Statement

The curriculum at Bailiffe Bridge is underpinned by our school motto; ‘Focused on the Future’. This captures the school’s purpose in preparing our children in readiness for life opportunities in the future.


At Bailiffe Bridge, we pride ourselves on providing a unique learning culture for our children. The school is a safe place of empathy, security, and high-quality learning. We are committed to developing resilient, inquisitive learners with a strong and purposeful work ethic. As a school community, we are committed to being the best that we can be.


We follow the National Curriculum as it is defined by the Department for Education. We also feel that our curriculum is further enriched by additional content and skills determined by the specific needs of our children, our community, and the wider society 


Our curriculum is constructed around our school aims:

  • To show respect & responsibility for ourselves & others, our school & its community at all times; displaying positive attitudes, pride in our school & the confidence to challenge negative influences & behaviour;
  • To provide a caring, secure, listening & nurturing learning environment where everyone can learn, work, and play with confidence & where achievement is celebrated;
  • To share a commitment to working in partnership by listening to all our children, their families, staff & governors & the wider community;
  • To celebrate our social & cultural diversity so that everyone shares a sense of belonging; feeling valued & respected for their individuality;
  • To provide a curriculum that is relevant & creative; promoting high-quality learning opportunities that challenge & develop pupils’ talents & gifts to enable them to reach their full potential;
  • To provide wider learning experiences that promote & develop pupils’ independence, risk-taking & resilience in the understanding that making mistakes is part of the learning process;
  • To show learning behaviours that demonstrate the desire & determination to achieve a personal best;
  • To always have high expectations of ourselves and of others.

The Intention of the Curriculum at Bailiffe Bridge School

  • To ensure that all pupils are able to access a range of childhood experiences so that they are not disadvantaged because of their home and family circumstances; 
  • To create capable learners who are rich in knowledge gained from many sources;   
  • To nurture competent readers who have an appreciation of literature;   
  • To develop confident writers who can organise their writing to suit the task or purpose, choosing and spelling words with precision;   
  • To produce numerate pupils who can calculate and manipulate with ease but also the reason why and apply their thought in increasingly complex ways;   
  • To enable pupils to use their long term memory so that they can understand how to move relevant information between their working memory and their long term memory as they need it;   
  • To create divergent thinkers who aren’t afraid to ask how or why;   
  • To provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures and faiths to enable pupils to understand, appreciate and empathise beyond their own community;   
  • To ensure pupils can recognise and believe in their own potential, learning from mistakes and experiences to ensure they have high aspirations for their educational performance and future careers;   
  • To provide pupils with opportunities to understand financial management and capability so that they are able to value money and manage it effectively in later life;   
  • To foster a partnership with parents from all backgrounds and experiences, to promote the value of education and ensure that they share our high expectations for pupil performance.