Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Supporting Wellbeing in School

Wellbeing Club

Our Wellbeing Club meets weekly under Miss Ashton & Mrs Lawton's guidance. Children attending this club participate in various activities to support their wellbeing, including mindfulness colouring, origami, movement, and board games.

Key stage 1 Wellbeing Club meets on a Tuesday lunchtime

Key Stage 2 Wellbeing Club meets on a Wednesday lunchtime

Choose to Cope

At Bailiffe Bridge School we run a programme called 'Choose to Cope' to support the emotional wellbeing of our children. This series of lessons enables children to develop personal resilience in order to rationalise their worries and concentrate on their learning. 


We also have our 'Worry Box' which is located in the hall. If the children have any worries, then they can post in this box and Mrs Lawton will pop along to have a chat with them.

Active Playtimes

We have worked hard to make our playtimes really active for the children as we know that being active is good for you. We also want to increase play provision so that it encourages problem solving while providing the children with opportunities to make new friends.