Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

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Bailiffe Bridge Junior and Infant School

Victoria Road

Bailiff Bridge



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School Buildings and Grounds

Bailiffe Bridge School was built in 1907 although there was a school in the village prior to this date. The building is an Edwardian design with classrooms leading off from a central school hall. Extensions have been added to the building over the years and an additional classroom is housed at the rear of the building. This is our Reception Classroom. The limited size and space in this building are an advantage in that they support our ethos of family - where we work closely together to ensure first rate provision for the community we serve.

Why has the school got an 'e' on the end of Bailiffe?

The 'e' is historical as Bailiffe originally had an 'e' on the end - it certainly did when the school was built.

Apparently, in the 1970s, local government took the decision to remove the 'e', thus making Bailiff Bridge - the name of the village. The school took the decision to retain their 'e' and it remains to this day. You'll note the spelling of the two different names in our address opposite.

We are proud of our history and think the 'e' looks good in our unique spelling!