Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Mission Statement, Motto, and School Aims

Mission Statement

We want Bailiffe Bridge School to be a safe, caring, nurturing environment, in which everyone works and learns together, valuing and respecting our community to create firm foundations for success.



‘Focused on the future’


School Aims

Aim 1: To show respect and responsibility for ourselves and others, our school, and its community at all times; displaying positive attitudes, pride in our school, and the confidence to challenge negative influences and behaviour.


Aim 2: To provide a caring, safe, listening, and nurturing environment where everyone can learn, work and play with confidence and where achievement is celebrated.


Aim 3: To share a commitment to working in partnership by listening to all our children, their families, staff, governors, and the wider community.


Aim 4: To celebrate our social and cultural diversity so that everyone shares a sense of belonging; feeling valued and respected for their individuality.


Aim 5: To provide a curriculum which is relevant and creative; promoting high quality learning opportunities that challenge and develop pupils’ talents and gifts to enable them to reach their full potential.


 Aim 6: To provide wider learning experiences that promote and develop pupils’ independence, risk taking and resilience in the understanding that making mistakes is part of the learning process.


Aim 7: To show learning behaviours that demonstrate the desire and determination to achieve a personal best.


Aim 8: To always have high expectations of ourselves and others.