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Welcome to Reception Class

Key Staff: Mrs McIntosh, Mr Kirk and Miss Wilkinson

Please use our virtual tour of Reception Class to explore the children's learning environment.

Reading in Reception Class

Reading is an essential life skill and for your child, their learning to read journey starts in our Reception Class. A range of different strategies are used when teaching children to read. Please have a look at this presentation for more information. You can also use the Phonics Sounds link on this page to help.

Supporting my child with reading

There are also lots of websites to help you. Use these links, I'm sire you'll find them useful.


Phonics Play

Family learning

Reading Eggs

Oxford Owls

Alpha blocks

Active learn primary



Phonics Sounds

This video contains all the children's phonic sounds and how to pronounce them correctly. Please use the video to help support your children in learning their phonic sounds.


Please have a look through this presentation so you can best support your child's learning at home. 

Reading Presentation


Click here for the list of high frequency words that your child needs to learn (read & write) in Reception Class.


Using Tapestry

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Learning in Reception