Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School

Bailiffe Bridge Junior & Infant School


Jimmy's Martial Arts Assembly

 Jimmy from Jimmy's Martial Arts came to school to provide the children with a demonstration of what they can learn by attending classes at his martial arts centre. The children were truly amazed by the skills that Jimmy and some of our children, who attend his centre, demonstrated. 

 Christmas 2023

Focus 4 Hope Harvest Collection 2023

We are incredibly proud of all the children's contributions to our harvest collection, which we have donated to the local charity 'Focus 4 Hope'.  Your kind donations will help this Brighouse-based charity continue to support the homeless, the elderly, the vulnerable, refugees, and survivors of domestic abuse.

Thank you for your generosity.


CHIC Club Bun Sale

The CHIC club organised a bun sale on 25th October to raise money to support the cost of school trips. In total, over £140 was raised. 

Well done CHIC club, and thank you everyone for your support.

Year 5 & 6 participated in Online Safety and Stranger Danger workshops with PCSOs Ross & Vicky